Thank you for visiting my site to help you with making your iRacing purchases. As we all know iRacing is not cheap, so I decided to develop this to help make smarter purchases for the upcoming/current season. It should be fairly straight forward to use, however please read on below for a quick tutorial.

Basic usage and getting started I would recommend going across the tabs left to right, or top to bottom depending on your device.

Use the My Track/My Cars pages to enter in the content that you already own. These will be saved in your internet browser so feel free to close the page out and come back later if needed. By completely filling this out you will be able to use the Series page to determine which series you have the content to participate.

The Cars/Track pages are for informational purposes. These let you know how many series are using each car and how many times each track is used during the season and how many series are using each track. The check mark next to the content name indicates if own or have the item in your "cart", the "X" indicates you do not have it in your content or cart.

The Series page as mentioned before uses the content that you own and content that is in your "cart" to show you which series you have the content to participate. Green items, show you will be able to participate for the entire season, while yellow content shows you have enough content to earn participation credit. You can view which content you own/need for each series by clicking on the series.

The Buy Cars/Buy Tracks pages allow to simulate buying cars and tracks. This will show you what series you will have the content to participate with on the series page. Moving to the View Cart page will give you a summary of what you are looking to purchase.

The final page is the View Cart. Of course you cannot purchase content from this page, but this page will show you the cost of the items in your cart and any discounts that you may have earned from a bulk purchase or the "40 piece club". When you make the actual purchase in iRacing you can easily click the Add to owned content button to easily add it to your owned iRacing content on our page.